As a plant and machinery manufacturer, Dürr is a traditional brand worldwide. The company is a technology leader in many of its business areas and a role model for Industry 4.0 with its own digital solutions. design hoch drei developed a new corporate design that emphasises the old strengths and complements the new competencies. At the same time, the brand now appears more striking, precise and inspiring.

Welcome to the
New Underground

bauma is a trade fair of superlatives: 3,700 exhibitors from 63 countries present their innovations on an area of 617,000 square metres. Among them is Herrenknecht, the world market leader in mechanised tunnelling. Herrenknecht present the underground of the future in multimedia form with a new trade fair concept.

Digital Pioneering

Herrenknecht AG is a frontrunner in their industry. As a technology leader, they aim to lead the way in all areas. This is not only expressed in their engineering competence, but also though their communication. We designed a new global website to give the Herrenknecht brand a bigger platform, provide customers with more information content and give sales a stronger digital touchpoint.

Herrenknecht Academy

For our client Herrenknecht, we created a showroom that is more than just a showroom. The result is a polyvalent space that conveys an elegant overall image and at the same time illuminates the brand in its facets.

Technical Processes

Technology is becoming more complex and multi-layered, and its benefits for users are not always immediately apparent. With infographics and a focus on the essentials, technical processes become tangible and interrelationships understandable to the viewer at a glance.