Data Mapping

Figures, data, facts – more and more every second, but only a few find their place in public attention. The right staging is crucial. Companies need a creative and appealing design of infographics to communicate successfully.

Future Vision

Innovation-driven companies face the communicative challenge of making topics such as Industry 4.0, digital transformation or smart city tangible for their customers. The vision of the future is therefore becoming increasingly important in brand communication: the brand is becoming a projection screen for inspiring future worlds.

Information, fascination, emotion: The Christophorus

The Porsche brand is a design icon. But it is not only the vehicle design that impresses with its elegance and exclusivity; the Christophorus customer magazine also impresses with its experience and extravagance.

Tailor-made – a book on seating culture

The eventful history of RECARO clearly and strikingly tailored, in five chapters, three dossiers and additional features. “Seating in motion” on more than 350 pages.

Multimedia all-round communication

What does a magazine from the world of tunneling look like? The All Around online magazine takes a stand: digitally and directly. A target group-specific, high-quality online magazine.