The chair manufacturer ONGO® has made a name for itself in the industry with active sitting. The product portfolio mainly comprises of ergonomic stools with a health aspect. Our task was to develop the communication of a product innovation in a segment that is new for ONGO®. The aim was also to give the brand new impulse.

Dynamics in slow motion

We created a special product communication for the innovative driving dynamics system from the development specialist Bosch Engineering. We created the perfect mix of emotion and information for an explanatory film and web special.

Strahlend schön – Digital Light

Wie erscheint ein neues Benchmark-Produkt im richtigen Licht? Für unseren Kunden Mercedes-Benz haben wir anlässlich des Genfer Automobilsalons das Thema Digital Light perfekt ausgeleuchtet. Hierfür haben wir ein Medienpaket konzipiert und gestaltet, bestehend aus einem Key Visual und 3D-Infografiken. Schnell wurde für jeden ersichtlich: Mercedes-Benz ist First Mover in der Automobilbranche.

Radiantly beautiful –
Digital Light

How does a new benchmark product appear in the right light? For our client Mercedes-Benz, we perfectly illuminated the topic of digital light for the Geneva Motor Show. For this, we conceived and designed a media package consisting of a key visual and 3D infographics. It quickly became clear to everyone: Mercedes-Benz is a first mover in the automotive industry.