Going bananas

Together with Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, we launched a Europe-wide campaign. The aim was to raise awareness of the diverse Bosch spare parts portfolio for trucks. Central to this was a web-based game in 24 languages.

The digital transformation in automotive development

With Calponia, Bosch Engineering provides developers with a comprehensive online platform for automotive projects. Complex processes in vehicle development are thereby enormously simplified and automated. We developed an entertaining explanatory film that shows all the functions and advantages quickly and understandably. And it does so in an appealing illustration style.

Mornings made easy

Morgengold is Europe’s largest home delivery service for baked goods. With its convenient doorstep delivery service, Morgengold saves its customers valuable time in the morning. The new brand identity stages this feel-good moment in the morning and gives the market leader an unmistakable corporate design.

The digital workplace for suppliers

With the Supplier Portal, Daimler offers a digital platform with which over
150,000 users work every day. It is the digital link between the OEM and its global suppliers. It is the present and future of the working world. design hoch drei has packed all this into a high-impact image film. In a futuristic design, we stage the Digital Workplace and show how digital collaboration turns a shared idea into reality.

Ice Cold Emotions

Cool, even when things get hot: For Bosch Engineering, we staged the electric coolant pump developed exclusively for motorsport. We transformed the pump itself into a futuristic racetrack, demonstrating the interplay between perfect thermal management and pure performance.