Bosch Mobility Solutions: Unsichtbares sichtbar machen

Bosch ist Top-Innovator. Bosch ist Patent-Weltmeister. Bosch ist Frontrunner in der Entwicklung von Systemen für das automatisierte Fahren, für die Elektrifizierung des Antriebstrangs, für die Vernetzung von Fahrzeugen mit der Umwelt und für Mobilitätsdienste. Doch bei dieser geballten Kompetenz sah man vor lauter Bäumen den Wald nicht mehr. design hoch drei entwickelte im Auftrag der Robert Bosch GmbH den Kommunikationsauftritt für Bosch Mobility Solutions, der mit seiner Reduktion auf das Wesentliche die Systemrelevanz für die Mobilität von morgen wieder sichtbar machte. Ganz im Sinne einer Elegant Simplexity, indem auf Unnötiges verzichtet und Relevantes betont wird. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit dem zentralen Marketing von Bosch Mobility Solutions wurde der neue Kommunikationsauftritt entwickelt, umgesetzt und sukzessive in alle Kanäle implementiert. 

Bosch Virtual Car Fleet

Technology from Bosch can be found in just about every vehicle and enables the mobility of today and tomorrow. To visualise the range of mobility applications, we designed a complete vehicle fleet with the Bosch Mobility Solutions marketing department. From the sketches to a realistic 3D model, each vehicle was designed with a recognisable Bosch design language. The result is a fleet between realism and futurism that masters the balancing act between high-tech and aesthetics.

The digital transformation in automotive development

With Calponia, Bosch Engineering provides developers with a comprehensive online platform for automotive projects. Complex processes in vehicle development are thereby enormously simplified and automated. We developed an entertaining explanatory film that shows all the functions and advantages quickly and understandably. And it does so in an appealing illustration style.


No other industry is currently undergoing as much change as the automotive industry. Megatrends are changing our understanding of mobility. Bosch is in the thick of it, not just part of it. As an innovation leader, the company is playing a decisive role in shaping this development. Everyone should be able to see and experience this. The global website provides comprehensive information about all business sectors on the topic of tomorrow’s mobility. Together with Bosch Mobility Solutions marketing department, design hoch drei developed the portal.

The digital workplace for suppliers

With the Supplier Portal, Daimler offers a digital platform with which over
150,000 users work every day. It is the digital link between the OEM and its global suppliers. It is the present and future of the working world. design hoch drei has packed all this into a high-impact image film. In a futuristic design, we stage the Digital Workplace and show how digital collaboration turns a shared idea into reality.